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The Best First Look. Fight Me.

This is the best first look in the history of weddings. It just is. But the rest of the wedding was pretty cool, too. I just can't get over the first look.

Amber and Nathan are obviously adorable, but their first look was one for the books. We positioned Nathan at the doors of the chapel and had Amber come to the bottom of the stairs to say his name. Nathan's reaction is honestly my favorite first look reaction of all time.

Then they got married! And their church wedding was stunning and perfect. Amber's daughter Allie was a beautiful, important part of the ceremony. I loved how they honored the union of all three of them.

We had a gorgeous spring day to do some portraits of Nathan, Amber, and Allie, and it was perfect. But again. Can you beat that first look?! Here are a few of my favorites from the day.

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