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In-Home Newborn and Everyone Else

Updated: Mar 9

I LOVE in-home newborn sessions. And I always tell my clients that during a newborn session, we (obviously) get photos of your newborn by themselves, in their crib or nursery or on their parents' bed, but we also get photos of the whole family, each parent individually with the baby, siblings (if there are any) with the baby, and fur babies (if there are any) with the baby.

There are certainly a few tricks I use to get EV-ER-Y-ONE to cooperate when we're taking photos of newborn, toddler, pets, and parents, but regardless of what I'm doing behind the camera, if I get the photos my clients want, I'm happy.

So here are a few of my favorite in-home newborn session photos that feature any combination of the baby and their family:

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