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Christmas Tree Farm Mini Photo Sessions

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

I'm going to be honest...every year I have a moment of hesitation when I head out to do Christmas Minis. This is undoubtably because at this time of year, I'm feeling overwhelmed and stressed and burnt out. But every year I'm also so thankful to the families who choose me to take their holiday card photos, the couples who choose me to capture their weddings, the people who choose me to show off their business offerings. And when I keep that in mind, the hesitation disappears and I am reminded of how lucky I am to do what I get to do.

So this year, I fully remembered how lucky I am, and I showed up to my Christmas Mini Sessions absolutely pumped to have these wonderful families in front of my camera. And then SOMEHOW every single family showed up with BEAUTIFULLY COORDINATED outfits, WONDERFULLY PERFECT attitudes, and DELIGHTFUL smiles.

Here's a reminder that if you show up with a certain attitude, you can affect the attitude of the people you're with - negatively or positively. Why not make it a positive experience for everyone involved?

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