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A Dreamy Desert Session

If you've followed TMPKC for any amount of time, you know Arizona is one of my favorite places to travel to, and whenever I get to go, I love booking sessions. It is so fun and challenging in new ways to shoot in completely different settings than what I get comfortable with here in the Midwest. This extended family was on vacation together and thought it would be perfect to use the occasion to update their family photos in a new setting that would also memorialize their trip. So we picked Papago Park, which is quite literally in the middle of Phoenix, surrounded by highways and baseball fields, sharing a parking lot with the zoo and not far from the ASU campus, and yet once you're in the park itself, you feel like you are in the middle of the desert. Within about 15 minutes, my cheeks were hurting from laughing. They were such a fun group, so easy going, so quick to smile and joke with each other. I truly enjoyed every second of this session - from the setting to the people to the outcome of the photos.

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