Why Taylor Made Education?


So you've had a digital camera sitting in the closet for years. Or you take it out on occasion but you're still shooting in auto mode because manual intimidates you. Or you know the camera settings pretty well and now you want to make the jump into starting a business, or selling your prints, or just improving on what you already know. Whatever your goals, Taylor Made Photo Education is here to help you reach those goals!

Why do I think you should trust me with helping you reach those goals? Here's a little about me: before I was a full-time photographer, I was a teacher. I have taught at the elementary, middle, and high school level. I've also taught intro to photography courses as continuing education classes to teens and adults alike. The teacher heart has never left me, and that's what makes me so excited to start offering virtual mentorships; it combines two of my passions in teaching and photography. 

Taylor Made
Photo Education


Consultation Call

30 min. / $25

Coaching Call (As Needed)



In this initial call, we will discuss your goals for photography, whether it's improving the photos you take as a hobby, or learning to shoot in manual, or starting a business. We'll go over your equipment, your experience, and do a portfolio review if applicable. At the conclusion of our call (or FaceTime or Zoom, etc.) we will discuss how I can help you reach those goals we set out for you, and set a timeline with benchmarks and determine how frequent our coaching calls will be.

If you are wanting help on an as-needed basis, then you can get individualized coaching calls of up to an hour. We'll trouble shoot any problems you've been having, plan for upcoming shoots, discuss editing, review manual settings - anything you need. These individual calls are tailored to what you need at any given time. 

With this membership, you get the most consistent coaching to help you reach your goals. We will do weekly 1 hour coaching calls, plus you can text/email/message with questions in between our calls and I guarantee a response within 24 hours. We can plan for sessions (talk about location, lighting, settings, posing, prompts); work on business things like marketing, social media strategies, contracts, invoices, and gallery delivery services; go over developing your editing style, etc. Whatever you need to meet your goals, I'll help with*. Then when you're ready to go out on your own without the mentorship, I'll still be here, cheering you on and wanting to help when you run into a question! 

*My one caveat to what I won't help with is taxes/insurance/going legal, just because I'm not an expert in those things. But I DEFINITELY recommend that as soon as you are charging for photos, you should be doing all of the above.